Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Tales from the hedgehog sanctuary

Roger's Story in Retrospect

Roger wasn't having a good day. Shipped from pillar to post he now found himself in rehab. As, at no point did he recall taking any drugs, he was a little fazed at this turn of events. And throughout it all he had been gasping for breath, his sides moving in and out like there was no tomorrow, Indeed there might well have been no tomorrow if he hadn't been noticed by a passerby and shipped off to where he found himself now.

No energy or desire to eat he now found himself being spoon fed, or rather syringe fed, a strange but nice milk substitute. Roger was now on the road to recovery.
Action: Vet; Diagnosis: pneumonia; Treatment: antibiotics +


  1. Hi Toni
    I do like this one. Thanks for the link to this. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi Toni love the site! It's good to see you are still busy tending to our dearest of native critters, long may they survive despite human roads and agriculture.Lots of love Sara xxxx

  3. Poor Roger. Lucky Roger! I look forward to hearing about the adventures of his friends. Hopefully there will be more happy endings, thanks to the concern of the public and your expert care. Cheers Jane