Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Roger's exciting adventure

Winter was fast approaching and Roger was not a good candidate for releasing back to the wild. Earlier in the autumn he had narrowly escaped with his life after a serious bout of pneumonia and had adjusted well to a life of comfort and ease.
Was he going stir crazy? Hard to tell as had adopted a fixed routine: Rushes out of his bedroom when he his name being called, stuffs himself with Pedigree Chum Puppy Food, poos, wees and returns to bed. Seems pretty happy by all accounts.
But what of the wider world? What lay outside? Unceremoniously he found himself removed to the garden amongst the grass and plants - okay so far he thought (or rather grumbled to himself) for Roger, as you will have gathered by now, is a hedgehog with attitude.
After a ramble round the garden he seemed satisfied that all in the world was as he had left it. He was returned to his deluxe house to a clean bed and yet more food and settled down to a dreamless sleep.
Adventure over for this day at least!
Action: Leave in 4 foot hutch in shed and encourage Roger to eat more dried food so he doesn't get tooth decay from eating too much soft food. Weight = 990g


  1. We're delighted to read that Roger is well on the way to a full recovery. Sounds like he's a very lucky hedgie.

  2. Hurrah! Another hedgehog blog. And it's great to see you're looking after Roger so well.