Sunday, 8 November 2009

A terrible day

Amos, Billie and Callie had had a really dreadful start to their day. At two o'clock in the morning a dog had come to their nest and dragged them all out. Their mother and one of their brothers had been killed by the dog and they and their sister were taken to the RSPCA in York by the person who found them the next day in their garden.
Sadly, their sister did not survive the day, leaving Amos, Billie and Callie to face the world alone. They were picked up the same day and taken to the hedgehog hospital for emergency care and treatment.

Action: Fuciderm ointment put on all bite wounds which had quickly developed into abscesses; all given esbilac which they lapped on their own; all started on a regime of Baytril (oral antibiotic)(0.1ml twice day for seven days); all given access to a heat pad. Weight: Amos = 126.2g, Billie = 135.8g, Callie = 93.2g. They were all marked using emulsion paint to distinguish them from one another. A small amount was painted on the spines in a different place on each of them.


  1. How are these little ones doing now?

  2. How sad. I hope they are doing better now. Best of luck with them Toni.