Monday, 30 November 2009

And then there were two..

Sadly, Callie didn't make it. The wounds he had received from the dog bite were too serious.He died in his sleep after a week, but was cosy and secure with his brothers keeping him warm either side of him.

Amos and Billie were now brothers in arms and they vowed to fight on.

ACTION: Weight: Amos = 126g, Billie = 125g; Seven-day course of Baytril finished today (0.1ml twice a day for a week); still in kitchen on heat pad; food = esbilac (milk-substitute for puppies); Cow's milk can never be given to hedgehogs as they are lactose intolerant and it makes them poorly.

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  1. We're very sorry to hear about Callie, but are heartened to know Amos and Billie are still in there with a fighting chance. We had actually been fearing the worst for all three little ones as they had been so tiny and had endured such a massive trauma. But then Amos and Billie still have a real fight on their hands just to survive - the poor things haven't put up any weight but now the Baytril treatment is finished, we really hope things will start to improve for them. We hope Roger is OK as well. Thank you for all the wonderful caring and help you're giving them all.