Thursday, 3 December 2009

Not a good look!

Amos and Billie put on weight at a great rate of knots. Despite still having abscesses which needed regular attention, in the next 10 days Amos reached 221g and Billie managed 181g. Things were looking good until suddenly they started to become bald! Overnight their spines started to fall out and they assumed a very strange appearance. How could this be when they were doing so well. They became slightly depressed when they realised they weren't looking their best and hoped that help would be on hand, as indeed there was - all was not lost.....

ACTION: Vet for Ivermec injection to kill mange mites; Tea Tree antiseptic cream dripped sparingly onto bald areas to kill mange mites and ringworm (which is caused by a fungus); Neem oil also used as recommended for these skin conditions; started oral administration of Baytril (0.2ml twice a day for 7 days) to help healing of abscesses.

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