Thursday, 3 December 2009

Onwards and upwards

Things were looking good for Amos and Billie. After 10 days on the brilliant new regime for treating mange and ringworm their spines had stopped falling out! To be honest they still looked pretty moth-eaten and Billie, in particular, had no desire to be seen out in public at the moment. He tried to hide his bad hair under the blanket but couldn't resist scrambled egg, when it arrived warm and smelling very appetising, temporarily forgetting his bad hair and rushing out to tuck in to the feast.

At this stage they had also put lots of weight on and become a little chubby looking which could only be a good thing considering how they had started out. Amos now kicked in at 273g (52g heavier) and Billie, in the other corner, at 263g (80g heavier). To say they were feeling happier with life would be an understatement!
All their needs were met and they were still living in the kitchen, cosy and warm with an assortment of food for whenever they felt like a snack. The good times carried on...

ACTION: Continue with occasional applications of Tea Tree antiseptic cream and Neem oil to bald areas.


  1. The poor little things ... it's great to know though that they've started to improve. Thank you for including the "Action" section in all of your posts. It is very helpful to see how you go about tackling the various problems that they decide to present to you.

  2. Thanks for letting me know that the 'action' bit is useful. I was only introduced to Neem oil very recently. It can be bought from health food places as can Tea Tree antiseptic cream. Used alternately over a few days they work well together and it saves several trips to the vet for injections of Ivermec, which was never as effective.