Wednesday, 9 December 2009

An uphill struggle

Joss was taken to the vet yesterday as he is losing weight and hadn't had a good night. He slept better last night, wrapped in a very cosy, soft blanket, and half on a heat pad to make sure that he didn't feel the night chill. Fingers crossed that he makes it but it isn't looking good at the moment.

ACTION: At vet yesterday: subcutaneous fluids administered; injection of Droncit for intestinal flukes; syringe-fed Esbilac milk substitute at regular intervals; started Septrin (a sulphonamide that kills protozoan infestations such as those that cause Coccidiosis) yesterday also (0.5ml once a day for 5 days) as signs of Coccidiosis infection; heat pad on day and night but able to move off it easily if he gets too hot. Hedgehogs can't sweat so it is important that he doesn't overheat.

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