Saturday 31 October 2009

Roger moves house

The day had come for the move. Roger was not expecting it and had not been warned in advance. Nonetheless his new house was everything he could have hoped for. A 4 foot hutch with a sleeping area at one end. The only downside was the rather inappropriate painting of a guinea pig on the front. Still, he could live with that he supposed. He breathed a sigh of relief........ This was a pretty good outcome all things being considered. After eating his way through a plate of puppy food he made his way into his bedroom area, which looked cosy and inviting, and tucked himself into his blanket for a nap.

Action: keep a close eye on weight now moved from heated area; continue to feed Pedigree Chum puppy food and dry hedgehog food, with water available at all times.

Thursday 29 October 2009

The scrambled egg breakthrough!

Today, without a word of warning, Roger decided that after all he might like egg.
Once he'd started eating there was no stopping him. He wolfed it down and put weight on at speed.

Action: Feeding egg; continuing with antibiotic oral Baytril (0.5 ml twice a day); offering dry hedgehog food as well as Pedigree Puppy food. Weight = 720g

Monday 26 October 2009

Food on demand

In the ensuing days Roger was strongly encouraged to feed himself. But he was having none of it. Why bother to feed yourself when someone else will do it for you was his motto.

No morsel of scrambled egg would he let touch his lips.

It was hard going looking after Roger.

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Tales from the hedgehog sanctuary

Roger's Story in Retrospect

Roger wasn't having a good day. Shipped from pillar to post he now found himself in rehab. As, at no point did he recall taking any drugs, he was a little fazed at this turn of events. And throughout it all he had been gasping for breath, his sides moving in and out like there was no tomorrow, Indeed there might well have been no tomorrow if he hadn't been noticed by a passerby and shipped off to where he found himself now.

No energy or desire to eat he now found himself being spoon fed, or rather syringe fed, a strange but nice milk substitute. Roger was now on the road to recovery.
Action: Vet; Diagnosis: pneumonia; Treatment: antibiotics +