Wednesday 10 February 2010

Roger looks forward to spring

Roger has had a fairly uneventful winter. Xmas came and went with no surprises and he has become quietly used to his routine. When he hears his name mentioned he springs into action and awaits the arrival of food. Amazingly he failed to put on any extra weight over Xmas, thus defying all the odds and leading others to ask how on earth he had achieved this. He could only respond that he had stuck to his normal eating pattern and had eaten no more or less than usual. Needless to say his fellow hedgehogs were full of admiration!
He was aware that spring was in the air and had recently been listening to increased bird noises in the garden. Having spent all of the winter cossetted in a heated room, namely the kitchen, he was now starting to ruminate about what life might be like on the outside. While the quail brooder was fine for the cold months it was no replacement for a life foraging in the undergrowth, never knowing what you might come across next. Yes, Roger was eagerly waiting for spring.