Monday 14 December 2009

Roger fights back

Roger was not going to be beaten easily. Life was too good and after all Christmas was just round the corner and he was eagerly anticipating his presents. He seemed to be being monitored round the clock judging from the number of times his towel was lifted up and he was checked. As if by a miracle, after the unbelievably short time of 3 days, he started to make a recovery and bounced back into the land of the living. This time he bypassed the scrambled egg (rather ungrateful thought the carer who had prepared it just how he used to like it - slightly warm and not too over-done). But no, this time he was going straight for the pedigree chum puppy meat. He still wasn't feeling a hundred per cent though and was being topped up with esbilac. Things are looking good again for Roger.

ACTION: Keep in the kitchen and continue with treatment regime i.e. Baytril, Septrin, Telmin; continue syringe feeding Esbilac.

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