Friday 14 June 2013

Inspiring Ideas with Toni Bunnell

I am starting a new page to act as a platform for those people who have a creative bone in their body, which is, in fact, all of us. Everyone, at some time in their lives, has jotted down a few original words, written a short poem or a few notes of a tune. Please feel free to post any original words, stories, poems or songs. Likewise, if you have a CD launch coming up, a gig to advertise, a book published etc. The aim is to allow people to get their work online, gto ask for feedback or just to publicise their achievements in the sphere of creativity. Hopefully, we will have some interesting, engaging discussions on creativity-related topics.


  1. Morning Toni,
    Looking forward to your new blogs!
    Good luck.

  2. Hi Carol, amazing that you found this! I have no idea how you located the link. I obviously have alot to learn about the linking thing! Thanks for posting this first message. Still thinking about whether to set up a similar thread on a new Fb site.

  3. If anyone is writing books or poems I would be interested to hear how they do this i.e. what inspires them to write.